Mar 27, 2018

PJ Mix • Spring 2018 • v48

Vol 48 Track Listing

1. This Is Me (Joe Gauthreaux + Leanh Club Mix) KEALA SETTLE (The Greatest Showman)

2. Imagine (Javier Lameiro Extended Rework) DJ ARON FT. BETH SACKS

3. You Are The Reason (John Gibbons Club Ext Remix) CALUM SCOTT

4. Consideration (Isak Salazar + Erick Ibiza NY Mix) RIHANNA

5. Six Feet Under (Dario Xaiver Remix) THE WEEKEND

6. This Is My Dream (Rob Phillips + Edson Pride Remix) THOMAS SOLVERT FT. ANN SHINE

7. I Hear You Calling (Zonderling Extended Remix) DJ VICIOUS


9. If You Leave Me Now (Lord N' Club Bootleg Classic Mix) CHARLIE PUTH FT. BOYZ II MEN
10. Good Old Days (Full Tilt Remix) MACKLEMORE FT. KESHA

11. We Don't Talk Anymore (M. Torrez Remix) CHARLIE PUTH FT. SELENA GOMEZ
12. People Talk (Las Bibas From Vizcaya Club Remix) V.M.C. FEAT. JOE WELCH

13. Prayers for this World (DrewG. Anthem) JENNIFER HUDSON
14. Find You (Edson Pride Remix) NICK JONAS 

15. Everyday (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix) DIRTY DISCO FT. KIM ENGLISH

16. Dancing (Barry Harris Remix Mash) KYLIE MINOGUE + KELLY ROWLAND

17. Beautiful Trauma (DJ Blacklow Remix) PINK

18. Army of Love (Club Mix) SAGI KARIV FT. KEREN K

19. Pray (Original Mix) SAGI KARIV FT. GALI

20. Naked (David Harry Remix) JAMES ARTHUR

21. Proud (Thomas Solvert Aurel Devil Remix) TOMMER MIIZRAHI FT. ADI VARSANO

22. Rewrite The Stars (Brian Cua Club Remix) ZAC EFRON + ZENDAYA (The Greatest Showman)

23. Perfect Duet (Lord N' Remix) ED SHEERAN + BEYOND

24. Feelin It (Edson Pride Remix) SUBWEI

25. Survivor 2k18 (Enzo Dias & Tommy Love Remix) DESTINY’S CHILD

26. Never Enough (Julian Marsh Remix) LOREN ALLRED (The Greatest Showman)

For those using iPhone, once again Apple made annoying changes.  Here's how to view the track listing (lyrics section iTunes/iPhone): go to the music app as you normally do Click on the album/artist you would like to listen to tap and hold on the song you would like to play, A drop down menu should appear and "Lyrics" button should show tap on the lyrics button and they appear.  HOWEVER, you have to do this each time you'd like to view the track list (FU apple).

Mar 16, 2018

PJ Mix­čö╣Classics Chilled­čö╣ v47

A chilled tempo as compared to my usual mixes. This mix is for my dear Daleena.

Vol 47 Track Listing
For those using iPhone, once again Apple made annoying changes.  Here's how to view the track listing (lyrics section iTunes/iPhone): go to the music app as you normally do Click on the album/artist you would like to listen to tap and hold on the song you would like to play, A drop down menu should appear and "Lyrics" button should show tap on the lyrics button and they appear.  HOWEVER, you have to do this each time you'd like to view the track list (FU napple).
1 Hands Over MeDeeperise Remix) WEST.K + MR.NU

2. Believe (Dj KaktuZ Positive Remix) CHER

3. Love Will Never Do Without You (Remix) THE WRITERS BLOCK

4. Read All About It (Venezz Bootleg) EMELI SANDE

5. Purple Rain (Mousse T's Home Alone Mix) CHEW FU FT. STEVE CLISBY

6. It’s Over Now (Phil Colors Remix) DEBORAH COX

7. Put Your F$%king Arms Around Me (Discosid Mashup) VIJAY + SOFIA VS BILLIE RAY MARTIN

8. Man In The Mirror (Kamikarzy vs. Christian Cole Bootleg) MICHAEL JACKSON

9. I Got U (Tensnake Remix) DUKE DUMONT FT. JAX JONES

10. Sunchyme Yourself (Discosid Mashup) JUSTIN BIEBER VS DARIO G + MAU KILAUEA

11. Seasons Of Love (L.E.X. Theatrical Club Mix Edit) RENT SOUNDTRACK

12. Empty Streets (Deep Mix 2014) LATE NIGHT ALUMNI

13. It's Not Symphony But It's Ok (Discosid Mashup) CLEAN BANDIT VS WHITNEY HOUSTON

14. Coping (Disco Killerz Extended) TONI BRAXTON

15. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Eric Kupper Epic Club Mix) DIANA ROSS

16. Heaven Knows (Eric Kupper Vocal Remix) KENNY CARPENTER

17. Get Here (Glastrophobie Remix) LAUREN AQUILINA

18. Sign Your Name (Arthur Davidson Hager Remix) TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY

19. Private Thoughts (Toni Braxton High) DSF

20. Uninvited (Remix EP)/04 Uninvited (GSP Remix) BENT COLLECTIVE

21. Angel (DJ Chris O. Remix Bootleg) SARAH MCCLAUGHLIN

22. Beautiful (Brother Brown Divine Mix) CHRISTINA AGUILERA

23. Waiting For Tonight (The Equalizers Remix) JENNIFER LOPEZ

24. Better Off Alone (Tommer Mizrahi 2017 Remix) ALICE DEEJAY

25. Beautiful U R (Gabi Newman Club Remix) DEBORAH COX

26. Point of View (Milk + Sugar Vocal Mix) DB BOULEVARD

27. Everytime (Nikos Diamantopoulos Remix) LUSTRAL

28. Stay Around (Syke'n'Sugarstarr Dub) MILK + SUGAR PRES. MS2

29. Like A Prayer (Milk Sugar Remix) MADONNA
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Nov 26, 2017

PJ Mix • Holidays­čÄü2017 • v46

  1. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Joe Gauthreaux+Leanh Intro Remix) DIANA ROSS
  2. All Night (Ranny's Epic Mix) BEYONC├ë                
  3. Lust for life (Enrico Meloni Remix) LANA DEL REY         
  4. Exhale (Ranny's Peak Hour Club Remix) ANGELICA JONI 
  5. Love Line (Alex Acosta Vocal Remix) LeANN RIMES
  6. Big Groove (Original Mix) DOUBLE FACE BRAZIL 
  7. Say It Loud (Dark Intensity Club Mix) GOZZI ft. ABRI
  8. What About Us (Thiago Antony Remix) PINK 
  9. Too Good at Goodbyes (Division 4 Ext Mix) SAM SMITH
  10. Perfect (DrewG. Anthem) ED SHEERAN
  11. Over and Over Again (Dario Xavier Club) NATHAN SYKES + ARIANA GRANDE        
  12. Coping (Stadiumx Ext Mix) TONI BRAXTON
  13. Love So Soft (Dario Xavier Club Mix) KELLY CLARKSON 
  14. One Day In Your Life (Original Mix) GSP ft. AMANDA
  15. Lovergirl (Hector Fonseca + Zambianco Remix) RHEA LITRE
  16. Sorry Not Sorry (Dario Xavier Club Mix) DEMI LOVATO
  17. Too Much To Ask (Dario Xavier Club Mix) NIALL HORAN
  18. Wild Thoughts (Mark Alvarado Club Mix) DJ KHALED ft. RIHANNA + BRYSON TILLEZES
  19. Matches (Holl + Rush Remix) CASH CASH + ROZES
  20. Lover My Love (Mauro Mozart Extended Mix) TIM MYERS
  21. Beautiful Trauma (Sonnedeck Remix) PINK
  22. Believe (Division 4+Matt Consola Ext.) BOUVIER + BARONA ft. ANMRI
  23. Kiss It Better (Dario Xavier Mix) RIHANNA   
  24. Uninvited (Bent Collective Club Mix) DANNY VERDE + STEVE RENDANT
  25. Stars (Alex Acosta After Midnight Club Mix) KRISTINE W        
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Aug 22, 2017

PJ MIX • SUMMER☀️2017 • v.45

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Vol 45 Track Listing:

1. Sometimes (Danny Verde Remix) KAT GRAHAM 2. Love Is Love Is Love (Mauro Mozart Remix) LEANN RIMES 3. My Fire (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Club Mix) NILE ROGERS+TONY MORAN Ft. KIMBERLY DAVIS 4. Runnin' Lose It All (Luis Erre Andromeda Remix) NAUGHTY BOY Ft.BEYONCE 5. Let The World Be Ours Tonight (Tony Moran+Warren Rigg Piano Anthem Club Mix) DEBORAH COX 6. Attention (Dario Xavier 90s Mix) CHARLIE PUTH 7. Pose (Alex Acosta Big Room Mix) RIHANNA 8. Greedy (Erick Ibiza Dub Mix) ARIANA GRANDE 9. Over Me (Frankie Knuckles+Eric Kupper Directors Cut Mix) INAYA DAY + ULTRA NATE 10. How To Save A Life (Liam Keegan Remix) RUDEDOG Ft. MARC KENNY 11. When You Got Love (Toy Armada+DJ GRIND Pride Anthem) MICHAEL CANITROT + RON CARROLL 12. In+Out Of Love (Jose Spinnin Cortes+Eduardo Lujan White Label Mix) ARMIN VAN BUUREN Ft. SHARON DEN ABEL 13. Something More (Cahill Extended Mix) YES LAD 14. You're Good For Me (Mauro Mozart Club Mix) TONY MORAN Ft. KIMBERLY DAVIS 15. Too Sophisticated (Mauro Mozart Remix) JOANNA MICHELLE 16. Feel The Real Love (Discosid Mashup) Jess Glynne Vs LOVRA 17. Photograph (Luis Vazquez Club Mix) ED SHEERAN 18. Cut To The Feeling (Toy Armada+DJ GRIND Anthem Mix) CARLY RAE JEPSEN 19. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Tony Moran+Warren Rigg Mix) DIRTY POP ft. TAYLOR OLSON 20. Touch Me (Throttle Ext. Remix) STARLEY 21. Overtime (Liam Keegan Remix) IDRISE 22. Dancing On My Own (Danny Verde Remix) CALUM SCOTT 23. What About Us (Barry Harris Enhance Club) PINK

Jun 15, 2017

PJ Mix • PRIDE 2017 • [v44]

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Vol 44 Track Listing:

1. Water Under The Bridge (Dark Intensity Remix) ADELE 2. Love On The Brain (Barry Harris Club Mix) RIHANNA 3. Firework (Barry Harris Pride 2017 Remix) KATY PERRY 4. Million Dollar Bill 2017 (Barry Harris Remix) WHITNEY 5. Baby I Want You Back (Discosid Mashup) ANTON POWERS Vs JACKSON 5 6. Issues (Barry Harris Club Enhanced Mix) JULIA MICHAELS 7. Love Is Love Is Love (Dave Aude Disco Extended Mix) LEANN RIMES 8. The Cure (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Club Mix) LADY GAGA 9. You Love Me (John Michael + Floor One Remix) KELLY CLARKSON 10. Girl From Ipanema (Carlos Gallardo Remix) ANA PAULA Ft. DEBORAH COX 11. Minute Of You (Ft. Nalaya Brown) (GSP Remix) DAN SLATER+JIMJAM 12. Turn It Down For What (StoneBridge+Damien Hall Ibiza Mix) STONEBRIDGE Ft. SERI 13. We Laugh We Dance We Cry (Dave Aude Ext Mix) RASMUS FABER 14. Touch It (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Big Room Mix) ARIANA GRANDE 15. Shape of You (Gustavo Scorpio Mix) ED SHEERAN 16. Say You Won't Let Go (Christian Cole Ext Remix) JAMES ARTHUR 17. Enough is Enough (Ranny's Epic Club Mix) BARBRA + DONNA 18. Back2Love (Mauro Mozart Remix) DAVE AUDE + JVMIE 19. Castle On The Hill (Joe Gauthreaux + Leo Blanco Remix) ED SHEERAN 20. Chained to the Rhythm (Div 4+Matt Consola Remix) KATY PERRY (Ft. Skip Marley) 21. Never Give Up On You (7th Heaven Club Mix) LUCIE JONES 22. I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Country Club Martini Crew Remix) ZAYN 23. It Ain't Me (Barry Harris + MSC Remix) KYGO ft. SELENA GOMEZ 24. Remember Me (Dave Aude Ext Mix) JENNIFER HUDSON 25. Sing 2 Miracle 2k16 (Carlos Hdz + Chris Ramos Rework) T.GOLD + FRAGMA

Dec 8, 2016

PJ MIX • HOLIDAYS 2016 ◆ v.43 ◆

Vol 43 Track Listing:

1. Don't Be Hard On Yourself When Love Takes Over (Discosid Mashup) DAVID GUETTA vs JESS GLYNNE 2. Stronger Together (Joe Gauthreaux + Leanh Remix) JESSICA SANCHEZ 3. Send My Love (Leanh + Mauro Mozart Reconstruction Mix) ADELE 4. Glam (Dario Xavier Club Mix) XTINA 5. To Be Able to Love (Toy Armada + DJ GRIND Club Mix) ft. BRENDA REED 6. Kinda Miss You (Rosabel Club Mix) DEBORAH COX 7. Perfect Strangers (Chris Cox Remix) JONAS BLUE ft. JP COOPER 8. Telepathy (Moto Blanco Club Mix) XTINA 9. Love Yourself (Dj Aron Love Remix) JUSTIN BIEBER 10. Take Me Home (Tiesto Remix) JESS GLYNNE 11. Hurts (offaiah Remix) EMELI SANDE 12. Famous (7th Heaven Club Mix) NATHAN SYKES 13. My Air (Offer Nissim Original Mix) DEBORAH COX 14. How To Kiss A Boy (Adam Turner Extended Mix) LEANN RIMES 15. Say Yes (Tony Moran+Deep Influence Club Remix) ft. JASON WALKER 16. Love Me Now (Barry Harris Club Remix) JOHN LEGEND ft. BARBARA TUCKER 17. Symmetry of Two Hearts (DrewG. Rmx) BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT ft. ELTON JOHN 18. I Got You (Antillas+Dankann Inda House Rework) CRISTIAN MARCHI, NARI + MILANI ft. MAX C 19. The Greatest (Dario Xavier Club Mix) SIA 20. Million Reasons (Felipe Angel Circuit Mix) LADY GAGA 21. Things Can Only Get Better (Shahaf Moran Pop Club) MOPO 22. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Luis Erre Babylon mix) WHITNEY

Nov 29, 2016


Classics V  •  New Classic Diva Vocals remixed 

  1. Halo (Tom Siher + Hernan Maldonado 2k16 Remix) BEYONCE
  2. To Love You More (Dario Xavier Club 2k16 Mix) CELINE DION
  3. Stronger (Nylson Wash Anthem Mix) KELLY CLARKSON
  4. Take A Bow (Dario Xavier Club 2k16 Mix) RIHANNA
  5. Where You At (Johnny Vicious Club Mix) JENNIFER HUDSON
  6. Stranger in my House (Bryan Reyes 2k15 Remix) TAMIA
  7. Say a Little Prayer (Paulo Pacheco & Mauro Mozart Rmx) GUY SCHEIMAN +  KATHERINE ELLIS 
  8. Like a Prayer (The Sticky+Sweet Tour) MADONNA
  9. Bleeding Love (Dario X 2k12 Tribal Rmx) LEONA LEWIS
  10. Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Nic Mercy 2k12 Anthem) DEBORAH COX
  11. You And I (Edson Pride Unreleased Mix) LADY GAGA
  12. Superwoman (Ralphi's Vox Club Mix) GTS Ft. KARYN WHITE 
  13. You're Mine (Eternal) (Fedde Le Grand Extended Mix) MARIAH CAREY
  14. I'm Not In Love (Anthony Acid+DJ Skribble Vocal Club) OLIVE
  15. Try It On My Own (Arenna Unreleased Tribal Dub) WHITNEY 
  16. Hurt 2k16 (Felipe Angel Remix) XTINA 
  17. Waiting For Tonight (Toy Armada 2k12 Pride Mix) JLO
  18. Love Will Never Do 2k16 (JG vs RR Stadium Recons.) JANET JACKSON
  19. No Air (Gustavo Scorpio PVT Mix) JORDIN SPARKS
  20. Firework (a_LEX Big Room Club Mix) KATY PERRY